Everything you need to Know about Mother's Milk DHA Testing

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an omega-3 fatty acid found in breast milk, has many health benefits for both mother and baby.  Various studies have found that this essential polyunsaturated fatty acid is needed in sufficient amounts for development of proper cognitive functions of the brain and visual functions of retina along with many other health benefits. Advanced levels of DHA omega-3 in breast milk and sufficient DHA intakes by infants have been associated with:
  •          Developed neuro-behavioural functioning amongst infants
  •          Improved visual alertness
  •          Better hand-eye coordination
  •          Lower risk of bronchitis and bronchiolitis
  •          Building of robust nervous system
Infants are not capable of producing their own DHA and therefore for a balanced development they must obtain it from breast milk of infant formula milk in the initial months after birth. Mother’s breast milk naturally contains DHA but the amount varies depending on a mother’s diet and health conditions.

The Need of Mother’s Milk DHA Test?

Mother's Milk DHA Test
The body goes through a huge stress when a baby is born and despite taking a rich Omega 3 diet many times there is low DHA content in the mother’s milk and most of the times the mother stays completely unaware of this fact. The only way to determine DHA levels in breast milk is to take a Mother’s Milk DHA Test. Moreover DHA is very beneficial for the mother’s health too. Omega 3 has numerous benefits to our health like  it supports heart function, lowers depression, promotes joint mobility and flexibility  and nourishes skin, hair, and nails to name a few.

DHA Testing at the Comfort of Your Home

Mother’s milk DHA Test is easy and convenient and can be done from the comforts of your home. The results are emailed/ sent by post to you and you can share them with your doctor. All that is needed for a DHA Testing is a drop if breast milk and a test kit.

Lipomic Healthcare provides India’s first mother’s milk DHA testing kit.  This Mom’s Milk DHA Test is a simple Home2Lab test for measuring DHA in mother’s milk and the kit is delivered on order at your doorstep.  A mother needs to just drop a few drop of breast milk on the sample collection card, seal it in the given envelop and courier it to Healthcare laboratory. The test results will let you know whether your diet contains sufficient amount of DHA necessary for the overall wellbeing of your baby.


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